Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Amusing science news from around the web

I really enjoy writing, just not tonight. So instead of producing anything original, I'm going to link to a few science news stories that piqued my interest this week.

According to a recent study, women like sexy, charismatic jerks; men like beautiful young women. See this blog post for some interesting commentary on the paper. Everybody knows what I mean when I say "jerk" and "beautiful." It is what it is. Evolution doesn't care about your feelings.

You don't like biotechnology if you're a Democrat, or at least your representatives in Congress don't. I find that amusing since biotechnology is enabling impoverished people around the world to feed themselves. And Democrats are supposed to be looking out for the little guy.

As I laugh and then take a big gulp of diet soda, I happily link to this informative (and hilarious) piece about the safety of artificial sweeteners from last week.

Robots are taking over. Sort of. Alright, not really. But they may replace your bartender one day soon.