Monday, February 17, 2014

Bill Nye, debating crazy people

I have a new piece for PolicyMic out today, a few comments on Bill Nye's recent debates with crazy people. Go read it. Share it with your friends.


  1. I guess you and J. P. Holding disagree as to whether young-earth creationism is a valid "default" position, or a "crazy" position.

  2. Mr. English, I saw your misguided comments regarding 9/11 skeptics like myself. I would be willing to debate you on the elementary scientific problems of the official explanation for the WTC Twin Tower collapses on 9/11, 2001. This debate topic doesn't require any advanced expertise in physics or engineering, just a basic understanding of elementary concepts of the scientific method. In fact any elementary school student should be able to understand my simple arguments and defeat me if I'm wrong. The debate need not be in person. We could do it on-line or by video.

    Other debate particulars can be found here: